*Prices are based on the traditional per-word pricing model.


Translating consists in reformulating the source text written in its source language from its meaning to obtain an equivalent in the target language (English, Spanish or/and French).

Rate per source word in euros (€)*

*Rates currently vary from €0.10 per source word for a standard translation to €0.15 per source word for specialized translations and do not take into account additional services or certain costs related for instance to currency conversion or the urgency of the task.            Get a free quote.


It consists in checking the spelling, grammar, organization of the text, and in verifying the style used in a translation that has already been done, which in principle does not contain any misinterpretations. The proofreading is done without the source text.

Rate per source word*

The price of a proofreading is calculated on the basis of 0,05€ per word and depends on the specificities of each mission as well as any applicable markup. Get a free quote.


The aim is to improve a text already translated by comparing it with its source document. Among other things, contradictions, terminology, and tone will be examined.

Rate per source word in euros (€)*

*The rates for a revision are the same as those for a translation; they depend also on the specificities of each assignment as well as any applicable markup. Get a free quote.


We also provide texts ready to be read by a final recipient, based on previously sorted information that you will wish to send me. Localisation service only available in French. 

Rate per target word in euros (€)*

Rates vary between 0.15€ and 0.20€/word and depend on the specificities of each mission as well as any applicable markup. Get a free quote.


– Labor law

– Human resources,

– Banking and insurance,

– Commercial law,

– Corporate law,

– International trade

– Contract law,

– Procedural law,

– Transport law and logistic,

– Intellectual property law,

– Information communication technology (ICT) law,

– Energy law and renewable energy law,

– Tax law,

– Corporate finance,

– Criminal law,

– Family law,

– Human rights.


– Judicial investigation (Es->Fr) 

– Trial court dismissal decision (Es->Fr)

– Insurance policies (En->Fr/Es)

– Employment contract (Es->Fr)

– Consulting agency’s website (Es->Fr)

– Diplomas (Es->Fr)

– Business plan (En->Fr, Es)

– Graduate training programme (Fr->Es)

– Arrest warrant (Es->Fr)

– Explanatory note on travelling conditions regarding employees working abroad (En->Fr)

– Lease agreement (En->Fr)

– A part of an audit report concerning an acquisition project (En->Fr)

– Liquidation of marriage and partition of succession (Es->Fr)

– General terms and conditions of sale (Fr->En, Es)

– Privacy Policy (Fr->En, Es)

– A press article on feminism (Fr->Es)

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