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Legal translation 

Legal translation is the act of transposing a legal text into another language in another legal system. This requires skills in comparative legal reasoning, documentary research and a certain sense of legal risk control in the choice of words

TRA’J (abbreviation of “traduction juridique“) aims to offer a quality legal translation service for legal professionals and institutions who need their documents translated into languages combination including English, Spanish and French.

Technically, the site editor (a former legal intern) resorts, when you require it, to a network of trusted linguists to comply with the review process by performing proofreading in the appropriate native language: English, French or Spanish. Finally, the way in which the legal discourse has been transcribed will be verified by the legal translator in coordination with the client.

Do not hesitate, test the services by sending an extract from a document to be translated.


Business translation 

It consists in transcribing professional documents from one language to another, taking care to preserve terminological coherence between the purpose of the initial text and the local context of the recipient of the translation.

In this respect, a variety of documents used in the business environment are familiar to TRA’J due to years of experience in senior positions within professional environments as varied as mass distribution, airport services, business consulting and education. TRA’J translates all kinds of documents such as contracts.

Used to business confidentiality, the services are directed towards companies that do not always have in-house translators and for whom TRA’J intervenes within the framework of occasional missions or in a more long-term to take better into account the special needs of long-term projects.

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